1. Be Ready:  You must always be ready because you never know when you will get that call: asking you to play your first action movie role. That phone call could come even when you’re about to be cremated, so don’t go assuming that it will never come.

Never Stop: Once you play your first badass role keep signing up for more to wipe any memory the public may have of you as a friendly German from World War II or any other wimpy role from your past. And don’t let anybody talk you out of playing action roles because of that age stuff. My buddy Sly Stallone makes some of the most violent movies using only cast members who reside in retirement homes.

Give it your all during action sequences: Stunts are tough if you’ve got arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure but you can pull them off easily if you’re really committed and the director does his job of ensuring several takes of each stunt from different angles while using a good lookalike stuntman to do the hardest parts or all the parts.

Talk like a dangerous man: Many people think that being a tough guy is about spending time in the gym and in fact, many actors erroneously wasted their years working out and shrinking their penises in the 80s and 90s. There were also those who thought that being tough was all about learning martial arts but today all the martial arts have lost relevance – except for Yoga. 

What many people don’t know is that being a tough guy is all in the way you speak. Bruce Willis and Jack Bauer knew this secret so they never wasted a day working out or learning kung-fu. If you don’t have a cool voice it’s okay because catchphrases and quips are what drive the action movie genre now. So work on your voice not your body. If anything, alcoholism and other kinds of unhealthy living will help make your voice more suitable for manly action hero roles. 

  1. Have a reputation from the beginning of the movie: Remember that movie directors no longer have time for boring flashback beginnings that establish how you became a badass. So have the writers make sure that there’s a character that is impressed by your exploits so that he/she can recite your stats for the benefit of the audience. If the director does his job by casting someone to play say, a star struck policeman or a criminal fan of yours who recites your stats then you can reserve your energy for watching your stunt doubles do all the killing. This is a secret tip which could even work for women in lead roles as long as their movie isn’t named something silly like Peppermint.

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