The Morning Show: With the me-too movement raging through America, The Morning Show takes on the touchy subject of sexual abuse while groping around for multiple sides of the story. The show is not so much an exploitation of a popular news subject as it is an opportunity to watch Jennifer Aniston do that cute thing she does with her mouth. Her co-star is Reese Witherspoon’s chin and the antagonist of the show is the writer whose idea it was to cast Steve Carell in a role where he does not do any jokes, make funny voices or do his goofy laugh. Not only does the show focus on issues like that suicide stuff depicted in Bird Box, it also focuses on the workings of television networks which have grown to become fun alternatives to Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram. All in all the show is a great watch now that Game of Thrones has ended and we need to find the strength to move on and see other shows.

Homeland: Loosely based on whatever is freaking Americans out whenever there is a break between its seasons, Homeland takes off from where 24 stopped day dreaming. As a [hopefully] realistic portrayal of secret government agencies and their efforts to counter terrorism with their own terrorism, Homeland certainly delivers thrills every season even with Brodie having left the show to make his odd mouth movements in Billions. The show is centred around a female character who struggles with bipolar illness and a high libido around troubled men. Now in its eighth season, the show is as suspenseful as ever as it leaves viewers constantly guessing if it will be ruined irreparably before the producers end it. 

Suits (a.k.a. Meghan Merkle was Here): A legal show that chronicles the journey of a suave lawyer and his quest to have the last say in every conversation, Suits reminds us about how easily we could get into an argument if we stay in a room with someone else for more than fifteen seconds. Thanks to the show, many real life lawyers have found themselves returning to law school in the hope that they can come out cooler than they did the first time around.

The Walking Dead: TWD is a thinly-veiled metaphor on financial leadership and resourcefulness. In fact, the show’s producers have admitted that the zombie apocalypse is a commentary on the outcomes that await those who engage in financial recklessness such as letting people feed of you. Meanwhile, the show which started out with a cult-like following is now a last man standing challenge as more of its main actors keep failing to return to the set after announcing that they are off to have a smoke or take a shit in their trailer. Despite strong concerns that those who still find the show interesting may themselves have become zombies, it is still on. However, filming had to be halted in March 2020 because of concerns of poor social distancing among the actors who play the zombies.

Better Call Saul: This is a spin-off of the hugely popular Breaking Bad which depicts a man’s battle against a cancer so dangerous that it threatens his chance at a mid-life crisis. Breaking Bad also captures the debilitating effects of pregnancy on a father’s mental state. However, as is typical we have gotten distracted by Breaking Bad, while describing Better Call Saul. The latter, no, the former – never mind – Better Call Saul which is also called Better Watch Breaking Bad follows the story of a demon possessed lawyer with advancing eyebrows and a receding hairline. 

Working with his robot girlfriend he battles his older brother, a super villain who has the same pet peeve as African leaders: constant electricity. At first it is unclear why the attractive robot, Kim goes along with all of Saul’s plans until it becomes clear that his outfits remind her of her favourite TV show from the Batman cinematic universe. Plus she realizes that he is the only human being crooked enough to help her cheat those online forms that ask if you are a robot.

Game of Thrones: This is an epic tale of how special effects made from CGI can overshadow other TV shows. Starring the first actress to ruin a Marvel franchise as well as numerous other characters three of whom are dragons, this is the show that makes The Witcher seem like a strong drink when the ice in it has melted. Filled with quotable dialogue and more sex than Power, this show is beloved by millions of viewers who won’t read a book until it’s been a made into a show or watch a show unless it’s been made out of a book. 

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