About Us

Dear Rascal,

Daily? No, we don’t mean ‘daily’ like we post stuff daily. Research shows that posting daily takes a lot of hard work and we’re not really into that stuff. The truth is that we post new articles a little less frequently than that: Twice a year to be specific – once in January and once again in the middle of the year.

Maybe if more cool people like you buy our ebook which contains our latest articles, we’ll be rich enough to buy a private island and hire lots of staff (island first) and then we’ll crank out stuff more frequently. For now, it’s just me doing all the drawing and all the writing and some of the site management, and then there’s my day job…you get the point.

Anyways, big thanks for checking out Daily Rascal. And if you have a different idea of how any of the gags could go, go ahead and edit/remix them and email us your own version at hello@dailyrascal.com. We’ll then have your own version posted in the alternate versions section with your name and picture so as to give you credit or blame for the gag.

So go ahead, read and enjoy the articles for free right here on the dailyrascal.com or buy the ebook so you can own all the articles and read them in PDF format at your own convenience.

No email sign up in your future here, unless you’d like us to keep you informed on progress on upcoming content (suggestions on whom or what to make fun of are welcome). For such updates and of course the chance to tell me what to create as if you are my boss sign up here.

Rascally yours,


Head Rascal

P.S. Remember to buy the e-book to read the articles offline, on your device, and most importantly for my island.

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